At, Dr Alanen uses a new, revolutionary laser skin resurfacing technique to improve problematic wrinkles, skin texture abnormalities and irregular brown spots. Resurfacing lasers are an excellent option for many types of acne scars.

Effects of Laser Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is effective but it is expected that there will be several days of “downtime”, owing to the nature of resurfacing and healing.

Unlike other systems which can require many treatments to achieve desired results (e.g. Fraxel), the system used at is usually a single-procedure treatment.

Un-retouched photograph; actual patient

Results of Laser Resurfacing

This procedure evenly removes the surface of the outermost portion of the skin – the epidermis – and the body responds by healing with a new, smooth surface of cells. During this healing phase, patients may experience some discomfort usually mild but may require Tylenol.

There is a risk of reactivation of cold sores and this is minimized with appropriate medications prescribed by Dr Alanen.

Pearl Fractional of upper lip only

If you are interested in Pearl Fractional for acne scars, please contact us.