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Thank you for joining me! I’m very excited to be starting this, as it’s my first blog ever. I’ve been intending to start a blog for years, but never had the time to sit down and start writing. Truthfully, I still don’t have the time – but I’m starting anyway! What I hope to create is a touch-point of insights about myself and provide my readers with education on skincare and medical laser treatments for people everywhere in the world.

My name is Ildikó Juhasz. I was born and raised as a Hungarian citizen in Transylvania, part of Romania where most of the minority ethnics lived.

While growing up, my dream was to travel the world, but at the time we were under communist rule and I was unable to get a passport. My brother escaped from the country at age of 18 and started his new life in Germany. That give me an inspiration to start to dream about North America and at age 24 my dream come true!

My parents left Romania the same year in 1999 when Communism ended, and moved to Budapest where their hearts belonged!  That’s the same year that I started my journey of Life in Canada.  For me, the beginning was a bit rocky without the English language, but with my love for Canada very shortly I began speaking “Hunglish “, as my best friend Ken so endearingly refers, which is a combination of Hungarian and English.

After completing my education back home, I worked in ER as a nurse for several years. Upon learning the English language and re-entering the professional dermatology industry, I soon discovered my love and passion for providing the healthiest, highest quality products and cosmetic treatments, while empowering women and men to look and feel their best.

When I’m not busy with patients, I am spending time with my beautiful 10-year old daughter Maya, cycling, and trying to improve my tennis game with her!

My other passions in life are cycling and traveling! Traveling abroad is not all about cycling, I attend leading Medical Dermatology & Esthetic conferences, and professional skincare conferences which brings the newest inspirations from Europe. These ideas have been implemented in my Revoderm skincare line and packaging as well as introducing the latest cutting edge cosmetic procedures for my clinic Yourderm.ca!

This is in a nutshell about me and my passions…. and I will continue to give you more inside about the latest procedures, skincare news and what  new products we are working on (travel stories too ) !!!!

I will try to be on top of my blog a couple times a month,  possibly more frequently!  No promises!

Hopefully with time, this blog will allow you to get to know me on a personal and professional level and you’ll feel comfortable to meet me in person so I can help you with any skin concern you may have.

Stay tuned and thank you for joining me on this journey.

Here’s to healthy, beautiful skin!


Ildikó Juhasz


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