There has been an extraordinary rise in the number of clinics and MediSpas offering cosmetic dermatology services, including laser tattoo removal. Many of these clinics do not have any association whatsoever with a dermatologist. Many of these clinics are associated with a doctor who is not a dermatologist and may not even be on site during your treatment session. Therefore, it is very important for the patient / client to be aware of precisely who is treating your skin.

The Treatment 
Session The procedure takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the tattoo to be treated. The laser beam is focused over the tattoo. The skin in the treatment site immediately turns a grey colour and within ten minutes becomes purplish. Focal bleeding may occur; this is not alarming.

An antibacterial ointment and a dressing are applied to the area. Within a few of days, a “crust” forms on the surface of the skin and this persists for five to ten days. Care must be taken not to pick / scratch this as scarring can result.

How painful is this?
 Laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable. The Most people can tolerate the procedure without anesthesia; however, a topical (e.g. EMLA, maxilene) or injectable anesthetic is available if pain control is an issue.

How many treatment sessions will it take?
 On average, amateur tattoos can take anywhere from two to seven sessions and professional tattoos may need six to ten sessions. The number of treatment sessions depends on the amount, type and depth of the tattoo ink in the skin.

Will the tattoo completely disappear?
 Complete fading tattoo is usually accomplished. Dark and red colours fade the best and purple, usually orange, green and purples classically vanish as well. Yellow and white colours are the most difficult to completely fade.

Are there any side effects?
 Almost all tattoos can be removed without any scar or skin changes. In rare cases, pigmentation changes, scarring and texture changes may occur.

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